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About AAI

Karl Schweitzer in the zone!Our humble beginnings started as a 2 person operation literally in a closet on April 1, 1984 on Kalakaua Avenue with Julie Kalawa and Karl Schweitzer as the dynamic duo. The introduction of Advertising Associates International (AAI) to the Japanese visitor market originated with translating menus for restaurants which resulted in new revenue for restaurant owners and Japanese tour operators alike. This service opened the door to Asia.

AAI established a relationship with Azabu in the 1990's, a Japanese corporation & management company for the Hawaii Sheraton hotels. Azabu became AAI’s first major client where it carved out its niche in the Japanese market.

In its 3rd year of business, AAI brought on the Hyatt Corporation’s Hawaii destination hotels with a focus on advertising, marketing, and public relations. In 1998, AAI led the way to open the Hyatt Regency in Kona (now known as the Hilton Waikoloa).

The economic turn in early 2000’s, led many hotels to subsequently go independent. In years to come, hotels have taken their marketing & advertising in house, targeting their own visitor base. However, AAI has kept its presence in the visitor market celebrating 28 years April 1st 2012.

AAI Team in the 90sThe ability to develop a working relationship with the Japanese media, became AAI’s forte. The advent of travel guidebooks; “Where to go? What to see?” became another product and further widened AAI’s reach.

Today, Advertising Associates International is a leader in Hawaii that specializes in connecting to the Asian media including Japan, China, Korea, and Taipei-Taiwan.

Marketing & promoting hotels and restaurants, the original mainstay, now includes retailers & major shopping centers such as, Hyatt's Pualeilani Atrium Shops, Ward Centres, Kahala Mall, and other non-competitive hotels to Hyatt.

Advertising Associates International, an industry leader is here to serve & grow your business. Please give us a call (808) 591-2633.

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